Saturday, May 8, 2010

Socks, Sock Clubs and Colour

This week has definitely been about the socks. At the end of last week I recieved the last of the Needlefood Sock Club Pacakages the colourway is gorgeous blues and ice like blue/greys and the extras were highlighted by the Smiggle three zippered/sectioned pouch. Absolutely Fabulous

This week another package arrived (not so sock focused). I won the monthly draw that Ewe Give Me The Knits has based on a Monthly Spin Challenge Theme (Remember the gorgeouos wine coloured yarn from last month.). So Friday I recieved this wonderful package. Superwash Merino/Bamboo Nylon in Purles/Blues and Blacks some bright mohair curls and Rainbow Dyed Firestar...Shiny.

Last weekend we had a campout in the backyard for O's birthday and I had a tie-dying session with the kids at the start of the party (and we sent them home with a T-shirt instead of a lolly bag). The results can be seen below with some gorgeous t-shirts as a result. The Big Red item is the fluffiest (shedding) Dressing Gown that was a birthday present from her grandmother...Too much fun.

Back to the socks.. a renewed love of sock-knitting has moved the Hokey-Pokey socks (in a gorgeous Needlefood colourway) for O to finished. Yay!

Now to finish the Stardust Cardigan.

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DrK said...

that tshirt thing is a great idea for a party! and look at all that shiny! i am hoping my love of socks will return once i can, you know, move properly!