Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Annis Alpaga

It is quite amazing to me how quickly some projects come together.
I started Annis after many false starts with the yarn trying other projects.
Commenced on Saturday finished on Wednesday and already blocking.

A quick knit with some lace challenges in Nupps and short row shaping to make a nice curved shape.

Overall a perfect match of yarn to pattern. A fun and challenging knit completed quickly.

Loving it!


DrK said...

its totally gorgeous, cant wait to see it in person, let alone make my own!

Vintage Grrl said...

I've been wondering about an Annis. I really should probably get the two shawls I have OTN done first.. LOL

LynS said...

I'm so pleased you found something that suited the yarn. This looks beautiful - and you've finished it miraculously quickly.

Yarna said...

Looks fabulous! You are a knitting machine! Hope to see it soon.

Rose Red said...

ooooh blocking now! goody, look forward to seeing the transformation on Saturday!