Monday, September 13, 2010

Unexpected Gifts and Knitting

Last night I came home to this on the couch (in my
corner). The item was actually in the bag. My Sister In Law had left me a very early Birthday present. It was quite timely as my handbag has seen better days (the handles were very definitely on their last legs). The bag is made by a friend of hers the very talented Selkie Smith. It is a defiite delight.

On the gift front I also recieved this cute little project bag and purple cashmere yarn from Miss Fee a few weeks ago. an appreciated score.

On the knitting front It has been shawls and socks (Whilst aquiring yarn for tees and cardigans). The Annis has been blocked and worn and looks fantastic with black (The purple does get a little lost in the Blue). I have started Brandywine in Lush Silk Merino in Trophy a deep reddish brown. Socks I have started some stocking stitch socks for T in the stunning Sacred Forrest colourway from Knitabulous' Black Japan Club (The yarn is her Supertwist merino which is lovely to knit with).


1funkyknitwit said...

Oooo, love the project bags Jody :D

Your shawls look LOVELY!!!! :)

Happy Birthday for your soon to be, hope you get what is on your wishlist ;D xxoo

Rose Red said...

Nice bag! So very purple!

Happy Birthday!! Nice to spread the celebrations out!

DrK said...

oh so many pretties. extended birthdays are the best!