Friday, September 3, 2010

The Yarn Decides

Every so often we are reminded that we don't decide what the yarn becomes we are just the intermediary that helps it transform.

I was lucky enough to recieve some lovely soft Lilac La Droguerie Aplaga (Aplaca) as a gift from LynS when she returned from Paris earlier this year. The yarn has been hanging out in my stash making friends and maturing. It is now ready for transformation like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon.

I set about picking a pattern and started on the Party Lace Scarf but the yarn and the pattern were just not clicking. I moved on to Ysolde Teague's Scroll Lace Scarf And after 2 repeats of the Scroll Lace I just knew this was not a match either.

The yarn is lovely, the patterns have all been delightful. Yet neither pattern worked for this yarn. I am now about to embark on Annis. Although I am also flirting with another Ishbel.

Sometimes the yarn decides and it takes some time to formulate and complete the decision


knitabulous said...

Oh I'm hearing you. The yarn always decides!

NessaKnits said...

I nearly always find the yarn decides.

missfee said...

yes yes and yes - the yarn decides

DrK said...

i totally agree. i have a few things that are asking to be annis. if i ever get around to making shawls again....sigh

LynS said...

I think the combination of the yarn and you deciding what to make is even more likely to lead to a great result.