Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anniversary Socks Complete!

So today is our anniversary and the socks are completed (just) in time. Both pairs.
I am really pleased with the striping on the Purple socks and the colour in the green is truly stunning.

The pattern with minor variations for his pair creates a lovely open lace in the front.

The cast on (around 2 needles) provides a really stretchy cuff.

I can now return to the regular program of the 2009 Personal Sock Club.
I do have a baby knit for a colleague to complete as well (another interruption)


missfee said...

Happy Anniversary to you both - and the socks look fantastic!!!

LynS said...

Last night at M&S, when you were still knitting on one of these socks I thought 'it doesn't seem possible they will be finished by tomorrow'. Fortunately I kept my mouth shut. I should have known better.

Congratulations - on both the socks and the anniversary.

Rose Red said...

I agree with Lyn - you are a fast knitter!!

Congratulations on finishing the wonderful pair, and happy anniversary to you and husby!

jp said...

Was sweating on it last night. But did manage to get halfway through the last pattern repeat at M&S last night. It left me with four rows plus the toe to finish. Very manageable.