Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Stash Update

I have been very lazy lately in keeping up with my very few stash updates.
Nearly all has been small pick ups -

Knittingness' Stall at Glebe Markets on Easter Saturday where i picked up Elizabeth (Sock Yarn) from Wired For Fibre in Valour (Purple) and some fibre (because I will actually use the spinning wheel this year!) in Vineyard hand painted by Cathy (it is just stunning - purples, greens and blues...)

13 balls of Grignasco Tango in Purple from Clegg's Sale in late March/April.

Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Siobhan (Purple - who would have thought it)

So that is 2 more skeins of sock yarn for my ever exapanding collection. Do i really need more sock yarn.

Yummy photos....

Ok so I have just exported my Ravelry collection to Excel to do some manipulation.

I have 180 skeins and balls of sock yarn
This equates to 14 kgs or 52,000 metres...

This is with a strategy this year of only buying sock yarn from independent sources (in person) or from destash.


missfee said...

wow that is a lot of yarn - I am now intrigued to see how much is actually in my stash

jp said...

Yes it certainly is. I pulled it all out and repacked it in January/Feb whilst I was on holidays..but only counted it (Well exported and got Excel to add it up) today.

It doesn't take up as much room as you would think. It is nicely tucked up in one of those vacuum bags and a few of the cane baskets for our utility bookcase.

missfee said...

363.5 balls of wool I counted - but doesn't include sock wool

Rose Red said...

Hee hee, glad to see someone has way more sock yarn than me!! And gee, you like purple huh?

LynS said...

My goodness - no wonder you and Fee have to have such ambitious knitting targets. I think I'd feel overwhelmed by so much yarn - you must find it hard to decide just which one to use for which project.

lochness said...

I second RoseRed - looking at your stash on Ravelry you have quite a bit of purple... and my gawd lots of sock yarn!