Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funky Tank for Bub

So a colleague is leaving this week to go on Maternity Leave.

When i first met her she was not a fan of knitted things on babies and kids (she has a daughter who is a toddler).

After sitting next to me for 12 months she has become a big fan of knitted gifts, this is mainly due to the colours and styles i knit (especially for kids) she was given lots of things in white and lemon when her daughter was born (and I mean lemon not yellow).

I have perhaps created a small but delightful burden for myself as her mother has now been commissioned to complete some items for her new addition in finding something i can knit her.

I have decided to give her something for later on (closer to 6-9 months) in some different colours. (She is having a boy)

The Pattern is Zoe Mellor's Funky Tank top striped in Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in Maritime, Teal, Fennel and Latte.


Rose Red said...

Yay for converting someone to the knitted garment (hmmm, lemon has a lot to answer for doesn't it!)

LynS said...

More super-speedy knitting. Wow. I think the vests I've knitted for the dotee have been the most worn garments - really useful for little children.

missfee said...

love the colour combo