Monday, April 27, 2009

Knitting Camp Update (The Obligatory Post)

Knitting Camp was a star-studded affair

Frida Kahlo and Queen Victoria made special appearances

Blogging Royalty was in attendance.

Missy Fee missyfee had to take this photo it was a truly special moment.

What is the collective noun for a group of bloggers?

RoseRed , Bells, kms, Randomknits, Knitabulous, Jejune's

Is there a collective noun for a group of knitters - a purl perhaps or a bobble?
As well as knitting by the fire there was much knitting in the sun. I have a relatively lopsided sunburn on my left arm and the left back of my neck to show for it.

Quite a few others joined us on for the weekend or parts thereof. Spending time with some I already knew, meeting many I knew on line only (and trying to remember their real names and online names) as well as meeting a lot more very talented knitters - It was a wonderfully enjoyable weekend, if somewhat exhausting - I manged 2 rows in the evening whilst attempting to watch TV.


Rose Red said...

yes, I didn't get much knitting done when I got home either. Great weekend. Love the Frida/Queen Victoria photos!

LynS said...

I have a sun-burnt left hand! I remembered the hat and scarf to protect other bits of me, but didn't think about my hands. I also love the Frida/Queen Vic photos.

Bells said...

oh great wrap up! Love these photos. I'm sure we are all giggling over the blogging royalty caption. Hilarious.

So great to find out who JP was! Wonderful to have caught up with you at last after seeing your ALL over RAvelry for so long!

kms said...

funny! love the queen vic shot and im pretty sure thats the first time ive been put in the 'royalty camp'! it was great to spend more time with you!

missfee said...

we are most amused

thanks for the great weekend JP

Jejune said...

It was excellent fun, wasn't it, and great to meet you :)