Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goats in Newtown

Tonight heading home from the Morris and Sons S'n'B what did I see on
King Street. A man walking a dog and 2 goats. Not sure if they were
good quality fibre bearing or not! But it was quite a sight.

They stopped near the lane between the African restaurant and the
church as my bus was pulling out of the stop so I didn't get a photo!

Anyone else spotted them out and about in Sydney's inner-west.
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Kris said...

One of them has been spotted in Chippendale before. I did some Googling and turned up this page, where in the comments somebody mentions meeting the owner. His name is Steve and he says he's the only goat owner in the inner west. Maybe Steve got another one!

jp said...

Thanks for the update.

There was definitely 2 and the smaller one was bigger than the dog but smaller than the goat in the photo on the Chippendale blog.

Maybe someone else has got one and he was walking them both!

Donna (Random Knits) said...

That's cool! I wonder what the husband would say if he came home and found a goat out the back ;)