Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The week that stretched and galloped at the same time

This week has been a long week at work but has galloped by in terms of knitting time.

Four days off work this weekend will no doubt make that a good thing.

Today one of the ladies in waiting leaves and I have finally sewn on Elijah's Eyes. Looks great. Hope she likes him.


LynS said...

Elijah is very cute. We seem to have a mini Ysolda fan club going on at present.

missfee said...

he is most cute indeed and yes I am in the Ysolda club too

jp said...

Elijah was most appreciated if the rubbing of the ears was anything to go by.

A second lady in waiting is departing in 2 weeks..I am thinking of whipping up an Otto (another Ysolda!)