Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adventures in the Project Queue or That Will Teach Me To Open My Mouth

Yes, that was me bragging at knitting camp on the weekend about only knitting cardigans and jumpers for the immediate family members.

I then went on to say my queue was my own and I could fill it with fun and frivolous projects for me. I said that dh only wanted one plain jumper in rib in 5 ply (completed a few years back) and never wanted another one. Thus I was able to knit cardigans and jumpers for myself to my hearts content. I have spent the months leading up to winter queueing socks and shawls as well as cardigans and jumpers...thinking I can easily add to my wardrobe this winter have some fun with knitting for me.

Can you see where this is headed dear friends? Is it clear I was setting myself up for a surprise at least if not a fall.

So this morning dh stands in the bedroom and says I need another jumper. Right now! Obviously this is not achievable, but it will be an act of love. With his sensitivities - it will be in 4 or 5 ply. Another long project skips to the top of the immediate to do list. Did i mention he likes plain PLAIN jumpers. I might be able to talk him into a simple cable...but in all likelihood it will be a rib or stocking stitch jumper.

An idea occurs a good excuse to order some new Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn though.


Rose Red said...

ah, you jinxed yourself - of course!

Luxury is a good idea. And maybe a top down (or bottom up) raglan? Because if it's going to be in stocking stitch, it may as well be in the round, yes?

missfee said...

mmmm a juinx for sure - and here was I thinking how lucky you were knitting one jumper, S.V. has jumper, socks and vest on the way and now wants more.....

Ruby Girl said...

That's what happens when one opens thy mouth. Why is it so that a comment can come back to bite. Good luck with the plain jumper, cable would be lovely.

LynS said...

I will watch (and comment) with interest.

kms said...

well yes if you are going to HAVE to knit something it might as well be in luxury! im with RR, raglan, in the round, no seaming. good luck!