Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bed sock number one complete!

Knitting time has been maximized this weekend. First up watching
Collingwood on the tv Friday night. Then the Inner-city Guild meeting
on Saturday. Great fun and I got a few repeats through the leg.

High tea at the extrodinarily friendly Harrogate teas at Pyrmont
extended through the aftenoon. Great chat with some old friends and a
little indulgence. Absolutely worth a visit. We will be back.

Time in front of the tv Saturday night with the family.

The real knitting time boost this weekend came from the three hours
earlier than the rest of the house i was up Saturday and four hours
Sunday for work calls.


missfee said...

You are a knitting machine.

LOVE the sock

LynS said...

I'm gobsmacked. Beyond any capacity to comment.

jp said...

It really came down to being up at 4:30am this morning to be alert for SMS messages every 30 minutes or so in case there was a problem.

The only thing to do was drink tea, eat toast and knit.

FredAstep said...

Have only been past Harrogate Tea Shop at Pyrmont but thought it looked great. Will now definitely make a point of calling in sometime. High tea and knitting perhaps...?