Monday, June 6, 2011

Film Festival Survival Guide - Subscriber Style

Inspired by Scott Henderson's Festival Ninja's guide over at The vine I thought I should put together mine.

As a subscriber i do manage to avoid a lot of the dashing between venues but here goes

  • Caffeine is both your friend and your enemy. Manage your intake so you still get a decent amount of sleep. Limit your intake or cut right back after 6:30pm

  • For long haul days ( 4 or even 5 films) soup, preferably homemade, and fresh bread are a godsend. A thermos full of tea or coffee is a good investment too.

  • Know your terrain - from the State Theatre identify quick and easy food runs, sit down for coffee/tea or even drink locations (i like them quiet!).

  • Fun Size chocolates are a great and convenient snack. Not too much sugar but enough to get you between a couple of movies.

  • Water, Water, Water always take water with you.

  • Bathrooms can be difficult to get to because of the way them move people in and out of venues. Know where they are and plan to use them.

  • Schedules - Competition films and sold out films will make getting into the theatre a little more of a challenge. Red Carpets take up a heap of space and will drive you to the George Street end of Market Street. Be aware of sold-out films and give yourself some extra time to get into the cinema.

Hope you enjoy your festival experience.

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DrK said...

plus, invite nice people to come with you :) looking forward to our adventures this year!