Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sydney Film Festival Day 5: The Target

A beautifully and elaborately constructed first hour introduces the key characters - a government resources minister, his wife and her tv host brother and their high tech, fast-paced entertainment and gambling hungry society.

The key characters seek out "The Target" a leftover experiment from the decay of the Soviet Union that produces a fountain of youth effect. The remainder of the film deals with the after effects - a descent into chaos, extremes and madness and for 2 hopefully an escape and a reunion in the future.

The film itself is visually stunning and the first hour provides much to enjoy, the remaining hour and a half is shambolic and confusing filled with homages to a range o film makers. At well over 2 hours the film is also uncomfortably long and could have benefited from a stronger focus and editing in the second half.

Definitely a film you would only see at the festival

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