Friday, June 10, 2011

Sydney Film Festival Day 3: Sleeping Beauty

So how to describe this film. Let's start with opinions were divided, completely and utterly divided.

The film is being hailed as cutting edge and courageous, sorry I just don't see it. A self-involved, self-contained university student with a penchant for risky activities who seems to be willing to do anything ( established early with science experiments, a cafe closing, an office and a bar scene) is the main character.

It follows her slowly increasing involvement with a new employer where she graduates from lingerie waitress at private dinner parties to Sleeping Beauty, where drugged she sleeps through encounters with men (there is a rule for her protection).

A series of random events about a young woman exposing herself to exploitation that offers no insights. Disappointing and to be honest if a man made it we would probably be protesting in the streets.

Some fine performances and the detail built into each scene is not enough to rescue this film from its lack of direction.

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DrK said...

as i said last night, im pretty sure hysterical laughter was not the response The Director was aiming for. i think she is a bit of wanker. there was something there, idea wise, but it was very badly executed. exploring a disconnected psyche needs something other than disconnection in the film making. much too self indulgent and tried too hard to be clever. it has stayed in my mind tho, which means it did something right!