Friday, June 10, 2011

Sydney Film Festival Day 3: POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Spurlock returns with another playful yet serious documentary. What worked for Supersize Me but didn't for Where is Osama bin Laden works again in this case.

You can't help but laugh as he attempts to not sell out whilst selling every aspect of his film. Hide ability to question his own integrity whilst driving mini-coopers, drinking only POM: Wonderful and

It is really no surprise in this advertising savvy society that everything in film is for sale for a price. True moments of insight come from brand power brokers who can shut down a film that might be adversely representing a brand and the city of Sao Paulo Brazil which has banned all outdoor advertising - it looks amazing!! A new campaign for Get-Up perhaps.

Interviews with directors like Tarrantino and Peter Berg are matter of fact and entertaining whilst admitting that brand and placement is just par for the course these days.

The best moments come when the brands let Spurlock's team are left to their own devices. humor abounds. No shocks but Noti a bad few hours in the cinema.

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