Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sydney Film Festival Day 6: Amador

Marcela is a south American immigrant living in Spain with her boyfriend Nelson making money from selling stolen flowers. As she is in the process of leaving him she faints and after being taken to hospital is informed that she is pregnant. She reluctantly returns to her boyfriend to work out what to do. Their refridgerator dies and the urgent need for a replacement sends Marcela out looking for work.

She interviews with a disinterested woman who is looking for someone to look after her aging, ailing father while they build a family house outside the city. He dies early on and Marcela is forced to make a series of decisions.

I found this film was easy to suspend disbelief and follow Marcela through her decisions, the first of which comes easily, but leads to many more complicated ones. The film was blackly funny and an engaging watch.

Fernando Leon de Aranoa the director was delightful in the Q&A and he and and his (very small) entourage were sitting in my row during the screening of Tree of Life last night. Lets just say an interesting experience.

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