Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sydney Film Festival Day 7: The Tree of Life

Wow this film is amazing.

Visually stunning and the sound and the score are powerful.

The film shows glimpses of a remembered family life in the 50's birth, 3 sons playing, fights and the family hearing of the death of one son, more glimpses of one of the brothers looking back for memories that then involves a section that appears to show evolution of the earth and various creatures and then more family.

Dreamlike sequences of seraching the desert and then a coastline that appears to now emphasise more strongly the religious theme embodied by the mother.

The film is dazzling, stunning, confusing and ridiculous. Overly long and a complete overload for the senses.

Attempts to make sense of this film are I believe futile.
Worth seeing yes, expect to be confounded, elated and disappointed.


LynS said...

I chose not to see this at the festival as I thought it would get a cinema release - and anyway, I had my doubts about it. A bit pretentious perhaps?

Yoga Knitdra said...

I love your write ups, this one particularly. You have me very curious!

DrK said...

oh i do wish people would stop giving money to aging directors who think theyve earnt the right to be deliberately obscure. a bit of artistic license is fine, but to be so overtly pretentious is frustrating. i was hoping for more from this. sigh.