Thursday, June 5, 2008

And Now for the Film Festival

As a Sydney Film Festival Subscriber of many years the knitting kind of takes a back seat from around the long weekend in June for 2 weeks.

This year they have extended the festival by a couple of days and the evening subscription @ The State Theatre started last night with Silent Light.

Silent Light is a very slow almost minimal film with long slow scenes and very little or no action to speak of. An interesting choice for the start of the festival. It is a film that probably would have worked with the festival audience better on a weekend or even mid-way through the festival when people have got into the habit of slowing down and tuning in.

As a contrast to a busy day at work I found it difficult to get into and boring in places not holding my interest. I didn't make it to the second film (Funny Games) a USA remake of a French Horror/Thriller staring Tim Roth & Naomi Watts (I suspect it will get a general release here as a result of Watt's appearance).

I have done very little knitting in the last few days.

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