Friday, June 27, 2008

FLS & WIP-along (Shop the Stash)

Knitting has been a fleeting activity this week with the universe conspiring to keep us apart.

An adventure in real-estate has us moving house in the next few weeks (still in the good old inner west - in the same suburb even!). At the same time work has kicked into high gear and I need to really get my teeth into it.

As such knitting has been a little part-time this week. I have made some minor progress on my FLS (very-very minor) but I have committed to a WIP knit along to get me back on track.

Here is my list.

  • Got you covered swap item 1 (needs making up)
  • Got you covered swap item 2 (To complete)
  • FLS (currently flavour of the month)
  • School Gloves (Fingerless for my step daughter One Complete)
  • Film Festival Socks
  • Baby Blankets (x 2) Presents for bubs due in July.
  • Chocolate Anya (Some gorgeous lace!)
  • Dark Ivy Cardigan (Finish Sleeves and Make up)
  • Noro Socks to complete second
  • Felted Bag to complete grommets and insert lining.
  • Some Cat Bordi socks
  • Cardi (Cotton) Tulip
  • Cardi (wool)
  • Cotton Bags (x2) Presents
  • Another lace project (very much stalled)

So Onwards with the task to end all tasks...oh did I mention the moving (ARGHHHH)

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