Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday @ The Film Festival

Today there were 3 selections for evening subscribers and another big gap between films 1 & 2.

Todays selections included the final Competition Entry the much anticipated Edgerton (Nash directing, Joel writing and acting) family contribution.

But first the gentle and surreal The Band's Visit. A French/US/Israel collaboration about an Egyption Police band visiting Israel and arriving at the wrong spot. They then have very small but powerful impacts on the lives of the locals, and the locals have impacts on them. This film was gentle and sweetly executed - funny but with none of the expected angst about being islamic and in israel. Very strange film but a lovely afternoon seeing something that will not get a general release.

We then had nearly 2 hours to kill before the next screening and took ourselves to the hotel bar across the road for a few drinks and something to eat...very civilised. We returned to the State Theatre and Red Carpet chaos...they had the middle section of the entry roped in for media and were forcing all the punters down the right hand side where there was room for about 1.5 people width. After finally emerging into the foyer the bell went off to commence the session - which didn't start for another 20 minutes as most of the guests had not arrived.

Finally they introduce the film and it starts. I wanted to love this film - an australian production from home grown talent, incredible home grown talent. This film about a couple engaging in adulterous behaviour when one is currently married to a petty-criminal is disapointing. Whilst the violent episodes including one with a dog that was completely unnessecary (and never referred to again after it happened) . Sadly, I would love to say go see it ...but you have seen it all before.

Film Festival Knitting Progress
Sock 2 - I have almost finished the cuff. I am going to need to put in a big final week effort to complete it.

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