Friday, June 20, 2008

Last of the Film Festival '08

Due to a prior arrangement I am missing out on the last of the subscribers films tomorrow afternoon ( a brand new print of From Here to Eternity). I tried to give my passes away to family and a few friends but all have things on - oh well.

So tonights offerings were Married Life and Welcome to the Sticks

Married Life is a 40's film noirish pick about a man who tells his best friend he is leaving his wife for another woman and the fallout that occurs from this moment on. Told at a reasonable pace, slowing deliberately when people start to feel trapped by their decisions, this film has enough comedy to stop it being melodromatic but ends up being more melancholic than expected. A thoroughly wonderful journey with a very convincing cast.

Second up was Welcome to the Sticks a very successful French comedy about a Postal Official that gets sent to the north (after a failed scam to get transfered to the Riviera) an area seen as unhospitable in every way by his southern family and friends. The film is part farce but all heart. A delightful laugh out loud comedy with engaging characters...a worthwhile spend of anyones filmgoing dollar.

Film Festival Socks Progress 1.25 socks - not quite a pair. The February Lady Sweater distracted me (damn you knitting fads, damn you to hell!...Not Really!). I will finish both the sweater and the socks - I'm really looking forward to it.

I will put together my film festival stats over the weekend.

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