Monday, June 16, 2008

Film Festival Award Tips and Favourite So Far before they give out the award tonight at the Sydney Opera House I thought I should quickly add my prediction so I can humiliate myself when I get it wrong (Ha!)

So my favourites (remembering I haven't seen a couple of the competition films - The Mike Leigh, Hunger and Lake Tahoe (to name 3).

My prediction is My Winnepeg - for its creative approach to telling a story about family and place. Alongside In Bruges and Stop-Loss as my competition Favourites. All three of these films worked as films that anyone could go see and get something out of (in my opinion).

I also enjoyed Three Blind Mice and Calm/Quiet Chaos and would advise anyone to check these out.

I would also like to add the folloing non-competition films to my favourites of the festival so far.
  • Standard Operating Procedure - all i can say is wow - this film packs a punch.
  • Elite Squad - for opening the door into a world we would never see.
  • Salute - The Peter Norman Story - for telling us a story behind a picture simply and with genuine emotion.
  • Choke - for the performances and the truly twisted storylines.
I am now in the final stretch (with 7 days to go!) and with me scheduled to see films only up until Friday night.

Targets -
Go everynight from Tuesday - Friday (and stay for both films)
Finish the socks.

Get some more comments (I know there are a few readers...would love to see some comments!)

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jp said...

The award is due to be presented this evening Sydney Time!