Sunday, June 29, 2008

Packing, Knitting and Procrastinating

So this weekend was supposed to be a packing weekend

Procrastination Technique Number 1
First up we planned and discussed - debated the best approach to packing (haven't we done this before - yes!).

Procrastination Technique Number 2
Part a -Don't be home - lets go out and have breakfast whilst O is at her music lesson.

Procrastination Technique Number 3
Pretend its all too hard and knit and watch the West Wing (FLS)

Procrastination Technique Number 4
Have visitors

Procrastination Technique Number 5
Create own chart to knit Western Bulldogs Tea Cosy for Swap Pal.
Start, Frog, Restart, Frog, Restart, Frog...finally finish and hope it isn't too small.
(Finish one side only!

Re-use Procrastination Techniques 2 & 4
Go out to watch Rugby @ the pub on Saturday night since O is at a friends.
Have Mum & Aunty over to visit and drink tea and make pancakes.

Total Packing about 1 box Argggg
Total Packing left to do...Too Much to Contemplate

Knitting Progress - About halfway down FLS, Completed 1 section of the GYC Swap Tea Cosy.

Todays Soundtrack is "Too Much To Do" by Sparkadia

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