Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Day @ The Film Festival

Yesterdays offerings were all Australian (Nice work!)

First Up was a documentary Salute (The Peter Norman Story)
This was a fantastic piece of film-making - rect, engaging and entertaining. It puts a name and a life behind the face of the Australian 200m silver medalist that everyone has seen in the Black Power Salute Protest from the 68 Mexico Olympics. The director, a family member, is dignified and respectful but spends a lot of time with Norman, Tommie Smith and John Carlos. It is disapointing that this man (who was denied so much as a result of this action) is better known in the african-american community than here in Australia. Great Viewing

Second Up was Three Blind Mice written and directed by Matthew Newton
This was a good film, with a few inconsistencies, but engaging with well-developed characters. This film demonstrates we have a depth fo great young australian actors capable of pulling off characters who have lived. Great performances by Ewan Leslie and Toby Schmitz make this an engaging and even at times engrossing film. Some of the extended family scenes are a little disjointed, however, that may just add to the isolation of the three leads. The story follows three naval officers on their last night before the ship out dealing with the fallout of life in the Navy.
Check it out when they finally get to release it.

All in all not a bad day of cinema!

Film Festival Sock Progress - about halfway down the foot. (Should finish sock 1 today).

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