Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Film Festival - The Midweek nights part 1

Tonight we had My Winnepeg that started late-ish @ 7:30pm (What this means is a lot of the subscribers didn't stay for the later film - including me)

This was a unique experience where the film-maker took us on a personal journey of his home-town. Shot in dark shots a homage to the black and white film-noir classics this was a magical journey complemented by the director live on stage narrating.

If you get a chance to see this you MUST it is unlike any theatre you have seen in recent years. I have learned more about the city of Winnepeg than I thought possible, and much more than I probably wanted to know.

By The Way - The Short that showed with this was Green Porno by Issabella Rossellini a hysterical dramatisation of the sex-lives of flies, snails and spiders.

Film Festival Socks Progress Today - Zero (ahh the delays of working!)

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