Friday, June 6, 2008

Film Festival Day 2

Last night I saw 2 more films on my second day of the festival.

The films were Quiet Chaos & Choke.

Quiet Chaos (Or Calm Chaos) is a fabulous Italian film about grief and family.
Nanni Moretti commands your attention as the self-contained central character who has lost his wife. A magical spell is woven as you spend each day with him as he puts his life on hold to be there for his daughter. One brief jarring interlude seems totally outside the narrative of the film but does not detract from a magical film experience.

Choke is a film based on a novel penned by the same guy that wrote Fight Club. A strange film well executed, Sam Rockwell, is compelling in the lead role of Victor. The film is about the strangely tormented relationship between Victor, a sex-addict, and his mother (the wonderful Angelica Houston) . A Sundance award winner worthy of a look. I enjoyed this film but wouldn't recommend it to everyone. Great for those that like there film earthy and showing the fringes of society.

On the knitting front I have made a few more centimetres progress on the plain socks in Mauve from Arucannia Ranco (Solid) - it is just lovely yarn.

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