Sunday, October 4, 2009

Adventures in Blogtober, Unfinished Blanket and Lost Days

Today i lost the first three hours of my day to Wii SimCity Creator. I
watched my step daughter build a city, grow a city and then destroy it
with meteors. So much for a productive Sunday. I did get some sock
knitting done whilst reading instructions.

I then spent the next few hours flicking through the first column of
sign-ups for Blogtoberfest. Lots of great blogs to read, I would love
to put a snakes and ladders game together with links to various blogs
maybe later in the month. Also lots more reading to do as I have
subscribed to quite a few of them. In the interests of full disclosure
I may have followed a link and purchased some fabric.

This afternoon I watched the NRL final and sewed up all bar the last
three squares of the blanket -photos tomorrow. It was not the most
exciting game.

The day has somehow wandered into the evening and I am exhausted but
the weekend chores are calling and I am wondering how I will avoid
them for the remaining few hours until bedtime-why ruin a perfect day!


trashalou said...

Full disclosure is always important, especially if others may wish to follow your example ;-)

dr k said...

hmmm no not the most exciting game, but at least knitting can be managed at the same time!