Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creepin' Up Slowly

Unlike some my shawl production has slowed down and I have been wrestling with the last stages of Icarus (not because it is complicated) just because my knitting time is often in grabs and the silk thread is incredibly fine.

The end has been creepin' up slowly and I am now halfway through the final chart (13 rows of 26) it is looking incredibly stunning in the shimery silk. It is also looking huge, huge, huge.

It has been my only knitting this week as I am determined to get as close to finished as possible by the end of the weekend.

Note: I am in awe of the aforementioned MissyFee for her recent production output.

I am off to day one of the conference I am presenting at (tomorrow). To assist with enjoying your day please enjoy the song with the same name as my Post Title by Taxiride.

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missfee said...

oh but I am cheating - and picking easy patterns