Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spinning and Stash Reallocation

Yesterday I had a fantastic day with Spinners and Knitters
I started the morning off with my second spinning class (i had done little to no homework during the week) but managed to spend the morning getting a little better. The course is run by the NSW Spinners and Weavers Guild and Sue is our teacher. She is incredibly helpful and encouraging (as well as urging us to practice - which is the only way to get better). One of the students inspired us (read - made us all green with envy) by having spun and plied, skeined and washed 3 sets of yarn and had 4 more bobbins worth ready for plying (which she did throughout the class). I am still stumbling about but feel confident that I will eventually get there (if I practice).
The afternoon was truly spectacular I spent the afternoon with members of our Thursday Night Stich 'n' Bitch group for the First (of what I expect will be become more regular) Stash Reallocation event. Duck over here for some Photos of the Yarn Spread and the Food Spread (Thanks Rose Red) and Miss Fee for the stunning venue. We ate an amazing amount of food, we chatted, we drank Pinot, Sparkling and Tea. Mostly we fondled yarn, ate some stunning food and knitted. A few wound some balls of yarn. The cats played! A perfect spring afternoon
I had intended to come back lighter than I planned. I managed to acquire more than I passed on (I am blaming the bargain 12ply from Miss Fee). I also aquired some Habu paper (in my colourway - again from Miss Fee) and Knitabulous Sock and sode 2Di4 duo. Excluding the 12 ply I was weight even and not far off $ even.
So overall 20x50g balls of 12ply
100g each of Habu, Knitabulous Sock and 2Di4 duo
2 x Knittery Cashmere Sock (undyed) 100g each
1 x STR Lightweight 100g


Rose Red said...

And fancy that, all in your colours!! We are all too too predictable aren't we!

I ended up getting rid of 200g and acquiring 300g - so not too bad, I suppose...heh!

missfee said...

heheheheh I am an evil enabler

kms said...

oh habu paper. ive always wondered how that stuff works. what do you have planned for it? nice colour/s too!