Sunday, October 4, 2009

Winning Baby Blanket Bingo and Links

A mixed bag today.
First up the Baby Blanket is all sewn up. We left it on the table and played with the combinations until finally arriving at this yesterday morning. I then spent most of yesterday sewing it up (all bar the last 2 squares).
The shot is not using any flash as the bedroom has amazing light when the window is open (and the sun is out) as it was for a few minutes today. I love when big projects come together and this is quite big.

Fabric Purchases

You may have seen mention following links from Blogtoberfest yesterday and finding fabric.

Well I found this link FreshFabricAustralia when reading Sew!Busy!Mama! and a few fabric purchases may have magically leapt into my cart and are heading my way this week.

Which may have inspired me to check out Raveller gingerm's wonderful eBay Store and some companion fabric may also be joining it.

You will just have to wait for the post to see what I have added to the fabric collection.

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Amanda said...

It's beautiful!! Great job...