Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Whom it May Concern (An Open Letter to Non-Knitters)

Dear Non-Knitter

Do you think if Hand-Knitting manufacturing quantities of any garment or item for a small amount of money was viable we wouldn't already be doing i?

So when we say no we don't think any knitters want to knit something that takes them 50-60 hours for a $20 payment we really really mean it. None of our fellow knitters wants to get paid that for what is essentially a hobby and no we will not ask them.

You should probably know, that as with any hobby, pastime or craft you undertake the joy is often in choosing what we knit and who we give it to. Not in the production of the same garment over and over again.

That said I will happily teach you and you can make them yourself! NO? How disappointing.

End of Community Service Announcement.

Tomorrow, fabric, yarn, books and shawl pins and probably an update on the Spinning course I start tomorrow.


Jen said...

Sadly I am not a knitter (Alhough I hope o learn one day!), but as a lover of all things handmade, and a passionate sewer I completely applaud this post!! You are so right about the joy of what we do, I sell a few things online but know it is hardly worth it, sometimes it really can take the joy out of the creating. Thank you for posting this!
Jen from WA

gemma said...

Dear Jodi,
everyday I sit with some people before work and have a coffee. They smoke, I knit, they say I will pay you for knitting ..... for them. Every day I say no, a) because they have no idea how pitiful the amount they offer v time involved, and B) I have enough trouble keeping up with the guilt knitting for mum/offspring/myself. I second your post!

Bells said...

oh well said! hurrah!

I ought to keep cards with this on it!