Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Warm Feet Wednesday - aka my Love of Knitted Socks

This morning my feet were a little cold so I pulled on my favourite lounge around the house hand-knitted socks to Warm my feet. They are a Nanch Bush pattern in Handmaiden Casbah. Are perfectly soft, squishy and warm warm warm!

So here are my favourite thing about Knitted Socks
  • Well made, well knitted socks are really amazing to wear and significantly warmer and more comfortable than store bought socks
  • If made with the right type of yarn (generally with some nylon in them) they will wear well, wash well and soften just perfectly.
  • They can be repaired (Darning)
  • As gifts they are relatively easy to knit and almost universally appreciated. Once someone has warn knitted socks they will find store bought socks inferior!
  • There is a myriad of patterns, yarn, and techniques to keep knitting them interesting and as challenging or easy as you like.
  • Seeing the entire family's knitted socks drying on the line after washing is a magical sight.
  • A non-knitter who envies the hand-knitted socks of you or a loved one (and appreciates the effort) is a good friend who will love any hand-made gift they get.
  • Sock Knitting is a long tradition of many cultures and it is nice to be part of extending that tradition.


missfee said...
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missfee said...

I concur

Rose Red said...

amen, sister!

Bells said...

Cheers to all of that!