Saturday, October 24, 2009

Granny Blanket Love

When my grandmother on my mother's side passed away about 8 years ago the whole family were offered the chance to pick one or two things from her house. There was only one thing I really wanted (well 2).

I asked for the two rugs she had made that always sat on the backs of the chairs in her front room. My mother mentioned she still had the one my Grandmother had made for me. So she bought the two of them home for me after they had cleared the house and my old one was liberated from my mother's linen closet. (They are pictured above with the one made for me in the middle). These rugs remind me of being at both my grandmother's houses with an open fire and snuggled on the couch under the rugs, as well as the love she put into the one she gave me. My family now make extensive use of them. Rugs of this kind are sprinkled through my mother's family and friends home all made by my grandmother.

My cousins eldest daughter (who had learnt to bake from my grandmother) took all her kitchen utensils as she was moving out of home and family who visit are always reminded that she made that using Gran Ryan's cake tins or pans. Two of my brothers took some shaped mirrors from the fifties that had always been in the bedrooms at her houses.

None of the items we wanted were particularly valuable they just had strong memories. I never really mastered crochet I can do a chain for a cast-on or an edge but generally it is not an art I practice. That said I do appreciate there is work involved and in most-cases some genuine love.


Rose Red said...

I have a clown doll from my grandmother's - she had 4, and each of her 4 granddaughters got one. I really treasure that, so I can understand the memories attached to your granny square blankets.

I can see we'll need to have a crochet day with you and MissFee!!

missfee said...

they are really amazing Jodie - I love the blue and orange - and a great story too