Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spinning Spinning Spinning and a Good Cup of Tea

Today has been a busy day Markets, Shops, Rain but best of all I have managed to Spin 3 bobbins worth. I am starting to get more control (not so much slub happening). I have enough of the Dark Blue Fibre to spin another bobbin. My thoughts are then to ply the light and dark together.

I also caught up with Miss Fee and we headed to Petty Cash for a little chat a little knitting and a pot of tea (and perhaps some Pear and Raspberry Bread and a Muffin)! We talked crochet as well as knitting and spinning.

Just one Question - are we sure tomorrow is a work day? I want to stay home and Spin some more!


Rose Red said...

Oh, I like the idea of spinning the dark and light together - pretty!

Are you sure you aren't coming down with a nasty flu - change of weather and all...!!

missfee said...

I vote for a day off - perhaps your shoes are waterlogged
the yarn looks beautiful