Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 19 Missed For a Few Reasons..The Best one Is


About an hour and forty minutes spent casting off. Blocking and shots in sunlight to come.

I also spent yesterday at the Primary Schools choral Festival performance at the Opera House so I missed the 19th day of blogging.


gemma said...

Oh that looks good! I can't wait to see it with a neutral background too.

LynS said...

You must be so pleased with this - it's just as beautiful as imagined it would be - and in person you must have the added delight of the silky feel of the yarn.

missfee said...

OMG it is gorgeous and we will give you the day as it is so beautiful

Bells said...

and it looks fantastic! I am just days away from starting my own!

Rose Red said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Huzzah!!