Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Blanket Bingo

Playing with combinations before I sew the squares together. The colours are vibrant and work well in many combinations. I am not a big fan of forced repeating patterns when it comes to squares or colour blocks. I will play some more before it is final.

The weather today is the rainy, stay inside, snuggle and turn up the music kind. To go with the mood some stripped back Go-Betweens along with some chatter. The stunning Cattle and Cane and the haunting Bachelor Kisses. Well why kill a theme that seems to be working.


LynS said...

I think I like no 3, though it's hard to tell without seeing it properly. I'm staying inside, knitting, reading and listening to Cosi Fan Tutti (to drown out what sounds like the man next door tuning his electronic piano - do they need tuning?)

2paw said...

Love the Baby Blanket Bingo!! I am a fan of ordered rows and patterns so I will be no help at all, except to say that I love the colours!!!

Kate said...

Love the name of the post. It's going to be gorgeous whatever the order.

lily40au said...

I've been there before trying to choose which way to arrange the squares ... and they do look better when they look random. Which one did you choose in the end.