Friday, June 19, 2009

For Your Listening Pleasure (Sydney Local Bands of the late 80's)

This evening I need to be alert for work phone calls so some Retro Music from my past. Though i wouldshare some of it.

All of these bands were local Sydney Bands that played in and around the pubs and clubs of Sydney in the late 80's (and a few even lasted into the early nineties).

Falling Joys - Lock It

Falling Joys - You're In A Mess

The Clouds - Soul Eater

The Hummingbirds - Get On Down (Very 80's Video)

And of Course - Ratcat


Kris said...

Oh, nice! I discovered Ratcat about 7-8 years ago when Snook and I went to Homebake. We were off at one of the side stages where a lone guy was performing acoustically. He had a nice voice, and at the end of his set he launched into an encore song and everybody there went nuts. It was "That Ain't Bad." I loved it. Afterwards I was like, "Man, that was great! I wonder where I can get that?" And that's when Rodd told me that the guy was the lead singer of a band called Ratcat, and that was one of their biggest hits. I went to Fish Records and bought the Greatest Hits album not long after. :)

(Still wish I could get a recording of his acoustic version though.)

jp said...

Glad to hear the person i know that was (in my expectation) least likely to connect with local Sydney music has!

I haven't heard anything of an even unofficial capture of an accoustic version though. That is one of the things I missed of the pre-online age. Bootleg recordings were much more common and would often get produced and released.

missfee said...

memories - of the wayward youth I once had - and I loved all those bands

jp said...

I loved these and many more besides.

And Kris I have the Ratcat albums on Vinyl still. Even if the turntable no longer works).

knitabulous said...

About 20 years ago, I was tooling around in Erskineville, seeing bands in the Newtown and St Peters pubs, and I loved all of those bands too. I liked tumbleweed (I knew those yobbos from school) and tism, wpa, the saints and the triffids too - although they were't Sydney bands.

We used to see INXS at local rsl's and leagues clubs when you could just walk in mid-set, pay at the door, and the place would be half empty. Every time I went to the snow, the Hoodoo Gurus were playing in Jyndabine, I must have seen them ten times.

But I had to hide my love of 'that ain't bad' from my musical purist boyfriend though, because he thought they were crap.

Great memory lane post..