Friday, June 5, 2009

SFF Day 3: In the Loop

Late last night I sat with anticipation, as a huge fan of UK Series The Thick of it, to watch In The Loop. I wated to love this film.

The film is satirical, well executed and truly laugh out loud funny. With ridiculous scenarios and Peter Capaldi sprouting a wave of insults and swearing as chief of spin for the UK Prime Minister. The film follows the lead up to invading Iraq, and it is perhaps this storyline, where the machinations of pro-war and con-war factions have been examined and post-mortemed by the public and the media, that results in this not being as fresh and fun as it could have been.

It does viciously satarise both the UK and the US political machines brilliantly with not a single redeemable character in site. It doesn't maintain it's pace in the last third and the arc finishes exactly like a TV Episode. That said there is much to love from Gandolfini's anti-war general. Tom Hollander channelling Yes Minister and Mimi Kennedy as the power-hungry, alienated Assistant Secretary of State.

If you haven't seen the TV series I suspect you would love this film. I just liked it.
(Find the dvd's!)

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