Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SFF Day 7: Missing Water

Tonights offering was the moving and cleverly presented Missing Water. Having grown up with many whose families fled Vietnam in the late 70's and eighties this film bought back many many memories of the stories I had heard.

The film presents the entire journey of one group of refugees escaping from Vietnam in the 80's. It is intense, emotional and chaotic and intensely drawn out (as the journeys were). The 4 main actors who represent the fleeing sisters, a former university student turned fisherman and "uncle" are note perfect and always believable. the film feels like a shoot of a stage presentation (but that is fine as the emotion is true and sustained). A must see film.

What makes it even more intense is it is all presented within the walls of a sewing factory through the eyes of one who is remembering. The equipment and surrounds deteriorate as the film commences (just like the boats did)

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