Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knitting Night

Tonight we got into some deep discussion about films

A few key ones that came up were

  • Team America World Police - offensive, funny and stupid (no one escapes a pasting).
  • Love and Other Catastrophes - a fantastic Australian Romantic Comedy (With fabulous filmic references)
  • Spooloos (marked as The Vanishing in English) is hands down the scariest film i have ever seen and is brilliant (Please do not see the inferior US remake of a few years later by the same director with Keifer Sutherland)
  • The Purple Rose of Cairo (awesome Woody Allen Film!) that is name checked in Love and other Catastophes.
  • We also touched on a few other older films (Ness we need to bring you up to speed)

I was thinking I should (With some know who I mean) create a couple of must see lists in a few categories over July and August. We can then debate them.

(Any suggestions of topics - eg 70's films and 70's australian films seperate, Film Noir, Old School Musicals would be appreciated)

Thanks for the laugh knittingness , falconfly and FredAstep too!

I have included my favourite clips on You Tube from team America

Firstly - Poor Lonely/ronery Dictator (Warning this contains swearing!)

And of Course Matt Damon (mean but incredibly funny)


knitness said...

OMG it has subtitles just in case you want to sing along...

Or rather 'sing arong'!

Awesome movie.

missfee said...

ooo - I left too soon me thinks

films I know a tiny weeny bit about films - but not too much