Monday, June 1, 2009

Perfect buttons for my new cardi


jp said...

Wondering if I should have bought 3?

They are more silver in real life than the iPhone photo.

Is it wrong to say I love them! They are going to look fab on the cardi.

Rose Red said...

No, it's totally right to say you love them - they are fab!!

I think odd numbers of things are better than even. That's what they always say about design stuff (eg always have 3 ornaments, not 2). See how it looks I guess!

And the million dollar question - where from??

LynS said...

I agree, perfect.

jp said...

Tesuttis to answer RoseRed's Question publicly.

A block from work and all i could manage today at lunch.

missfee said...


really and you can always get another

missfee said...

and I vote for 3 too

Donna (Random Knits) said...

Love the cardi, and the buttons are beautiful!!