Monday, June 8, 2009

SFF Day 5: Last Ride

Filmed entirely in the Flinders Ranges this film covers some of the most breathtaking countryside in Australia. It is beautiful to watch the scenery unfortunately I can't say the same for the movie.

The film has a lot of the right ingredients an evolving story a talented cast and yet it leaves you emotionless. Tom Russell who plays Hugo Weaving's character's son chook evokes Greg Rowe from Storm Boy - often pearing out from below his overlong fringe a child who considers almost all his actions in fear of his fathers reaction.

The film follows a father and son on the run from place to place after a violent crime the father has committed. His explosive temper and moments of violence are episodic and come closer together as the film progresses. The crime and its circumstances are clumsily revealed in flashbacks.

The film didn't engage me (either in fear, foreboding or in the inevitability of the end). It had moments but was exhausting and repetitive. I felt quite detached and unimpressed at the end of the film.

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LynS said...

I was very disconcerted because I was sitting immediately behind Hugo Weaving at the screening of this. Like you, Jodie, I wasn't as moved by this as I expected to be - or probably as the film maker expected us to be. I'm not sure why. It's almost as if the film-maker's obsession with the admittedly stunning landscape took the film over and lessened the emotional engagement with the characters.