Monday, June 8, 2009

SFF Day 6: The Missing Person

Michael Shannon is the buring light that drives this film through to it's conclusion. Utterly convincing as a gin-soaked Private Investigator formerly of New York now of Chicago he is unmissible in this film.

The supporting cast are given very little to do, but they do what they can with what they have. No-one is who they seem, nothing is what it seems. Reminiscient of 70's films in colour and movement this film is a Noir for the new era. The film opens with the phone call offering the PI money to do something relatively easy. As the film goes on the money becomes ridiculous and you continue to have confidence in Russow as the PI staying ahead of them (in spite of evidence to the contrary).

I loved this film!


LynS said...

Wasn't it fun! Lots of giggles along the way. A very affectionate tribute to film noir that also sends up the genre relentlessly.

jp said...

All the elements were there and delivered with affection. Amazing fun.