Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Knitting Playdate, The Craft Fair and some other Yarn Additions

With my not working this week due to the film festival status I was able to partake in a knitting playdate with RoseRed, Knittingness, FredAstep and 1funkyknitwit. A joyous day spent knitting, chatting, laughing, drinking and caressing Ness' new yarn. This one (Wired For Fiber Olivia in Valour) called to me immediately (as did a 50g sport weight but I resisted). A huge amount of fun was had by me (by all really) and I will always curse being at work when they have their regular catch up.

Today I ventured out to the very crowded Sydney Craft Fair. It was a fruitful journey (see below)

In Summary

  • 6 sets of sore feet (my mum, my aunty and I - my mother in law skipped due to illness)
  • 2 skeins of Habu A148 Wool Stainless Steel in a Deep Purple
  • A bag of leftover Silk yarn from Kaalund Various Weights
  • A cone of leftover Silk from Kaalund Lace Weight
  • A Cone of leftover Wool from Kaalund Lace Weight
  • 2 skeins of Touch Lace Yarn in black and Purple
  • 1 skein of handpainted linen in Jungle freom Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns
  • 1 bead necklace and 1 dragonfly necklace

In the mail today I also got a skein of HandMaiden Casbah in Blue, Some Fyberspates scrumptions Lace (silk/merino) in Blackcurrant and some Melosa laceweight in Fantasy.

Can anyone say Stash Enhancement


Bells said...


Thanks for listing what you got. It gave me ideas. :-)

jp said...

Bring a full is bigger than it has been in previous years and lots of yarn.

missfee said...

it looks both dangerous and exciting - and like you had a great time - I am thinking of going tomorrow or Friday

jp said...

Much fun to be had by all!

LynS said...

I'm not sure I can make time to go to the Craft Fair - you are so sensible taking this week off work! Film festival, knitting playdates AND stash enhancement - who'd want to work?

Rose Red said...

Please please tell me you left some good stuff for me!! Because it looks like you got it all!!! Wonderful!!

jp said...

Yes I left lots there.
I only bought a little bit.