Monday, June 8, 2009

SFF Day 6: Prime Mover

David Caesar brings us this truckin' film reuniting Emily Barclay and Michael Dorman.

The first half of the film is well crafted with the right mix of reality and the surreal. Romantic ideals, and the lead characters passion to own his own truck carry you along in a whirlwind. William McInnes is brilliant as the truck-driving depot owner and Mendelshon is fanstastic as a fellow trucky. Barclay is completely convincing as the young girl in love who follows her man to a caravan park beyond the back of Bourke.

The film loses its way a little in the second half with the surreal parts overpowering and derailing the reality. The film careens to its inevitable ending, perhaps not elegantly, but satisfyingly nonetheless.

A film that was good (but perhaps could have been brilliant!)

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