Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Slow Knitting Winter or June at Least

The month of June has just passed and it was a month of much yarn coming in and not much going out. Progress on the Sock swap socks and the It Must Be Love 4ply Jumper for dh have been very very slow I have also acquired more yarn than I have knit.
I have acquired much yarn including a lot of gorgeous Purple yarn from Yarn Lust....Trully yummy. Alongside some Purples and Yellows form Needlefood and Knitabulous...mostly purples.
(The purples with blues and greens is the Plumberry Ambrosia from Needlefood) gorgeous.
Somewhere on the weekend my knitting mojo returned and dh's It Must Be Love Jumper suddenly went form nowhere near the sleeves to only an inch or two to go...It is looking really lovely and is soooo soft and fine.
Shhh... I have also gotten to the heal on the #2 Sock for the sock swap...The leg on this sock is the same as the first but has taken forever. It looks like July will be kinder.
Note: The June personal Sock Club Sock yarn is still in it's packet....Eeek.


LynS said...

It's comforting to us slower knitters that even your output slows down from time to time...a 4ply men's jumper is likely to have that effect! You're still ahead of me with the swap socks - I'm not quite to the heel of the second sock. But they are such unexpected fun with the way the self-patterned yarn is playing out.

missfee said...

Love the vest - you are going pretty fast for 4ply - and I am still contemplating the 2 ply cardie - it was teasing me last weekend as I cleaned out my stash. I am also relieved to see someone else acumulating sock yarn at the same rate as me!

Rose Red said...

I'll second my relief at your ins and outs - although mine are far far worse this month, I'm afraid!! Go you on the socks and jumper, that is excellent progress!

jp said...

Go the 2ply cardi Miss Fee.

I just want to watch your output slow...hahaha.

Rose Red...with the yarn purchases June was my mad yarn month for sure. More sedate for the second half of the year I think!

Lyn great progress on the socks!