Saturday, June 13, 2009

SFF Day 11: Beautiful Kate

Ben Mendelsohn and Brian Brown are brilliant and believable as son and father in this evocative film. Mendelsohn's Ned returns home to the family property to pay his (lack of) respects to his dying father. Rachel Griffith as the younger sister greets his arrival, she stayed at home after all had gone and is quietly steadfast througout.

Ned deals with his errupting memories and emotions as the family tries to come to terms with the loss of Ned's twin sister and his brother many years earlier. This film is utterly engrossing you are carried along on this ride and feel every emotion as the story unfolds. Beautifully shot with magnificent frames. Rachel Ward's direction (and script) is full of life, humanity and pain, she has done a great job of translating the original Idaho set story to the Flinders Ranges.

This is the first film I have seen within the competition stream that seemed to get a genuine warmth in its applause. The cast and crew were greeted warmly and provided an entertaining and insightful Q&A.

My favourite film of the festival so far!

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