Saturday, June 6, 2009

SFF Day 4: The Burning Season

A documentary of good quality this film follows an Australian entrepeneur of Chinese Korean descent who is committed to finding a viable economic answer to climate change whilst halting deforestation.

The film is surprising as the contact with Indonesian province Governers is impressive and offers significant insight. The coverage of the machinations behind the scenes at the Bali Climate Change Conference (and obviously only a part of these) is enough to make your head spin. You wonder how close it came to certain things not happening? The audience gets a chance to boo the Black hatted America delegation and then cheer them when they agree they won't challenge the language! The motivation of the young Australian and a number of others is utterly inspiring. You get caught up in whether the scheme is going to come together at all.

At the same time you get an insight into the impact the attempted ban on burning has on the small farmers and the orangutang population. The parts of the film dealing with the orangutangs is tear-jerking and the sheer numbers of the population that have been displaced is staggering.

Special mention must go to the graphic sequences - these are fantastic - both engaging and full of impact.

A good solid film with a great message it did lack the elements that bring an audience to it's feet.

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