Saturday, June 6, 2009

SFF Day 4: 500 Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon Levitt (of Brick and 3rd Rock from the Sun) stars alongside Zooey Deschanel in this quirky hysterical Romantic- Comedy that manages to be a true Comedy film. Both the leads are dazzling with Gordon-Levitt making you believe every emotion his character experiences.

This film is funny and delightful as it takes a non-linear path through the romance between the two lead characters - Tom (a wanna be architect who is working writing greeting cards) and Summer who turns up as the personal assistant to the boss.

The use of weather, light and fantastic graphical sequences to create moods for each segment and move between time capsules works brilliantly as well as underlining the emotional pitch of the film. The retro-music soundtrack (and even the dance sequence) bring more soft and complementary layers to the film.

This film takes your heart and makes it laugh, cry and ache in pain whilst time-travelling backwards and forwards from the day they meet until the film comes to its incredibly uplifting slightly unpredictable ending.

A true delight. I want to watch this again. Light and fluffy with just the right depth and heart a perfect late Saturday night film.

Marc Webb is the director who comes from the land of Music videos and documentaries - one to watch! The two writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weber are relative novices as well.
This film is even more amazing as a result.

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